Wendy Williams Gets Wild In The Situation's Cockpit [Video]

If you've been spending your Sunday nights curled up on the couch watching "Pan Am" stewardesses glide around jet engines in their suffocatingly small two-pieces, then you'll definitely appreciate this clip from "The Wendy Williams Show," in which the host plays a member of the cabin crew. Also joining her 30,000 feet in the sky? Mike "The Situation."

Check out this parody video clip from Wendy's Halloween show, where Mike acts as a pilot for "Air Jersey." Wendy tells him that the passengers have become unruly and are demanding booze. Fortch for everyone strapped in their seats, he's got Devotion Vodka aplenty (not to mention, a disco ball built into the cockpit). We're just relieved we're not on that flight.

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