'Death Valley' Poll: Which UTF Officer Should Get Sacked?

When a bomb-wielding zombie that Billy Pierce let slip through his fingers blew up a grocery store, we realized maybe law-enforcement wasn't necessarily his calling. But he wasn't the only "Death Valley" screw-up. UTF officer "John John" successfully saved Carla's life with a bullet through her assailant's head but admitted he had no idea which of the two it would hit when he pulled the trigger from behind a wall.

There's certainly a working curve when you've only been fending off the undead for a year, but Carla and Stubeck seem to have a pretty good grasp on things, and Kirsten's never met a creature she couldn't kung fu into submission. So should California continue to employ its two risks to the system? One is blinded by his own vanity and constantly distracted by any iota of female anatomy that passes by; the other is distracted by...anything...at all. Senior citizens and one-night stands alike have perished at the hands of their UTF flightiness, so maybe it's time to bag one before the better part of the Valley winds up dead. Question is: Which one? Vote in the poll!

Which UTF partner is worse at his job?

  • John John, he's gotta check that ego.
  • Billy, his head is always in the clouds.

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