MTV's 'True Life' Will Follow The People That 'Occupy Wall Street'

It's been weeks since protesters set up shop in downtown Manhattan to Occupy Wall Street, but day by day, its global impact is increasing. Some say the mass demonstration is made up of a bunch of disillusioned kids that complain about financial greed while feverishly uploading Instagram shots on their iPhones, and others (like Kanye West) are inspired by peoples' willingness to band together peacefully.

MTV recently sent cameras down to the front lines to trail dedicated protesters who were willing to bring us deep inside Zuccotti Park. On Nov. 5, we'll meet three courageous twentysomethings, including Bryan, one of the leaders of the Occupy Wall Street sanitation team. "Bryan joined the protest to express his disgust at the relationship that government has with big business," an MTV press release reports.

Check out the sneak peek below to learn more about how these young people are keeping their spirits high, and be sure to tune in Nov. 5 at 6/5c for the "True Life: I'm Occupying Wall Street" special.

Click through to MTV's "Voices From Occupy Wall Street," an interactive photo gallery filled with motivations, hopes and goals.

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