4 Videos Rob Dyrdek Missed On 'Ridiculousness' (Ep. 8)

There's no doubt that Rob Dyrdek has been working diligently to find some of the best amateur videos around the internets, but we think he overlooked a few amusing clips during the latest episode of "Ridiculousness." We want to make sure that you don't miss a single bit of stupidity, so here are four more of the wildest happenings on the web (one is even fan-submitted!).

Boy Kicks Mascot In The Groin

An innocent game of musical chairs turns ugly when a peeved Ball Boy for the Eugene Emeralds kicks the team mascot right in his man parts. There's a terrific pun in here, but we're not going to touch it.

Parallel Parking Is Overrated

The driver of this Fiat wagon shows the road who's boss when he 180's his car right into a parking spot. Is M. Night Shyamalan directing this thing?

The Ultimate Body Slam (submitted by Anthony C. of Facebook).

This kid proves he's the toughest guy in town by sprinting toward a wall and vertically slamming his body directly into it, total belly-flop style.

Baby Monkey At Bath Time

This terrified little primate hangs onto Bobo (her stuffed animal friend) while her owner gives her a warm bath in the kitchen sink. Everyone should have a security blanket named Bobo.

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