Pauly D's Stuck In The Middle Of SamRon's Latest Breakup [Video]

Pauly D tries to be a peaceful middle ground between Sam and Ron at last week's "Hook-Up."

The tension between the king and queen of on-again/off-again relationships could only have been cut with a chainsaw during the "Jersey Shore Hook-Up: Live Edition" last week, and poor Pauly D found himself empty-handed while serving as the separating line between Sam and Ron.

The couple famous for their dramatic fights and cyclical breakups initially had trouble articulating to host Kenny Santucci the current state of their relationship--Sam tried to sidestep Kenny's prying by mentioning a single "cricket," but Ron ultimately confessed that he and Sam were no longer together.

In an attempt to avert an imminent awkwardbomb, Pauly dealt out a few quips about the peril of "taking breaks" and keeping one's options open in the dating world, but alas, the whole scene was pretty cringeworthy. As Kenny pointed out, "Glad there's peace, and glad there's Pauly in the middle."

+ Check out the clip below to see Switzerland in action, and share your thoughts on SamRon's recent not-so-shocking announcement.

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Photo: Brendan Tobin