Mike Apologizes To Deena For Causing Chaos [Bonus Scene]

Whether he played the role of "Lone Wolf" or "Boy Who Cried It," Mike unfortunately found himself on his own throughout most of Season 4. He may have started a lot of the beef in the house, but when he curled up on that antique couch, letting his legs dangle off the side, or smoked his sorrow away on the patio, it was obvious--from our end, at least--that the kid felt wrongfully alienated.

While most of the house seemed to have given up on him toward the end of "Jersey Shore," Deena, whom he yelled at the day prior for being a slob, found a place in her heart for him. In this bonus scene from last week's season finale, she calmly explains to Mike just how much he hurt Snooki, and for once, it kind of seems like someone's getting through to him.

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