Farrah And Sophia Power Through A Whirlwind Weekend [Photos]

Farrah and Sophia prep for a Halloween party with their pooch.

Farrah of "Teen Mom" once dreamed about the day when she could sit around and do nothing, but then her dog got invited to a costume party (no joke). As if you wouldn't jump on the opportunity...

The recent Florida transplant and her daughter Sophia soaked up the waning days of non-Daylight Savings Time this weekend by playing dress-up with their pooch (what they're all dressed up as, we can't say for sure) before visiting a nearby petting zoo at a pumpkin patch. And to solidify their standing as Sunshine Staters, the pair then made their way onto the field at Sunday's Miami Dolphins game to the ire of every lifelong fan who's never gotten any closer than the nosebleeds.

+ Check out the photos to see what the Abrahams have been up to since their summer fun at the beach, and give us your best guess as to what those costumes are.

Farrah guides Sophia through basic ranch hand protocol.

Hey! Fins where we can see 'em, buddy.

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Photos: Chris Bott and Pichichi/Splash News