'Jersey Shore' Season 5 Sneak Peek's HEAHHH [Video]

Ladies and gentlemen, the impossible has happened: Pauly D has been sunburned, and it it looks like a stinger! Oh, and he remedied his peeling skin with exfoliate. SOMEONE GET THIS KID SOME MORE ALOE.

We thought for a second that we'd keep you waiting for the details on Season 5 of "Jersey Shore"--it seemed possible--but upon further consideration, we realized that was silly. Even though the guidos and guidettes just departed the motherland, we managed to get the scoop on their triumphant return to the Jersey coastline! This, quite clearly, means one thing: Karma reunion! That's right, no better way to drown out the sounds of experimental lesbianism and bucketfuls of shattered glass than an evening at the great Guido Mecca. And now, we bow.

Take a look at the clip below for your first taste back at the Shore house, and keep your eyes glued to Remote Control for details to come. For now, sit back, enjoy a cup of Ron Ron juice and let the sounds of the boardwalk take you away...

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