5 Life Lessons We Learned From Chelsea's Move To L.A.

On last week's episode of "Chelsea Settles," the courageous go-getter finally got a fresh start when she landed in sunny California. While immediate feelings of homesickness forced her to question whether coming to L.A. was a good move, she eventually gained back her confidence. We learned a lot from trailing her cross-country adventure. Here are five important lessons she taught us.

Stick It Out

When Chelsea arrived in La La Land, she was disappointed that her ride was something straight out of Rent-A-Wreck. And when she moved in with her new roommate, Jenna, she immediately became overwhelmed. Chelsea was really close to giving up on her dream, but luckily snapped out of her funk just in time.

Keep Your Mind Open (And Mouth Shut)

Chelsea didn't have a lot of kind things to say about Jenna's house. Not only did she call it a "freak show" and something out of the "Twilight Zone," she even used Jenna's doll to swat away a scary spider on the porch. Not the best way to get on your new roommate's good side!

Welcome New Friends

Chelsea was going to spend her very first night alone because she was too insecure to meet up with her cousin Jarel and former classmate Caitlin. Eventually, our girl sucked it up and went to dinner with the chic crowd, which proved to be a great move. Even though Caitlin was gorgeous and successful, she was also very sweet and presented Chelsea with a unique networking opportunity.

Break Your Own Rules

Chelsea didn't like to eat in front of other people, which was difficult because her roommate was generous with food. While Chelsea declined Jenna's offer to share a meal, eventually she was able to push past her fear and dine publicly with Jarel and Caitlin.

Recognize When Things Work

The glorious sunset and calm ocean waters reminded Chelsea just how fortunate she was. "I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world," she uttered, after taking in the coastline with her new roommate. Sometimes gratitude is all you need to forge ahead.

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