'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Finale: Until Next Time, Firenze

After most of the house left Mike to his own devices during one of the oddest "Jersey Shore" club fights yet, "The Situation" stumbled home and found himself someplace similar to where he'd been all night: alone. Soon after, Ron tried to talk some sense into Mike, but his words fell on deaf ears. The big guy gave his friend an ultimatum to restore the bridges he'd burned, or hit the road. Mike said he wasn't interested in any type of amends.

The idea that the duration of Sam's "Shore" tenure could be sans Sitch was music to her ears, but a final shift at the pizza place drove the point home that her days in the motherland were numbered, and she had to enjoy them. She, Pauly and Vinny all bid Marco adieu as they flipped their final pies and ignored a flurry of customers' orders while shouting "good night" over a megaphone.

Vin's first round of goodbyes didn't seem real until the finality of the trip hit him at a street festival on the way home, at which he gushed sentiment and pride for Italy. Ron and Sam celebrated by rushing to the Smush room for one final get-down. But even over moans in the next room, Snooki could hear Mike tell a friend over the phone that he had no intention of rejoining the cast in Seaside. Ku-whaaa? The house had its sights set on a solid night out, though, so any confrontation would have to wait.

While Jenni decided to take the night off for some much-needed R&R (21 hours, to be exact [really, JWOWW?]), the group made its penultimate Florence outing, during which Team FPC tried to find a pair of DTFs. When Vin and Pauly noticed the crowd left something to be desired, the crew left for favorite hangout spot, Twice. (It's a good thing they did, as it led to a nominee for quote of the season.) Deena, who was also there, shouted: "She just f***ed my clutch," upon observing a girl gyrating atop her wallet.

The next day, they did the ceremonial "hanging your underwear in the pizza shop at which you worked for novelty's sake," and retreated home for one last giant dinner, followed by a tour booking. Mike put a damper on the mood when he revealed to Snooki his plans to be a Seaside no-show, but the girl saw right through his cries for sympathy.

Museums! Art! The statue of David's pale ass! Vinny was taken aback on the tour by all of the beauty he'd missed around the city. Mike, on the other hand, was the group's lone wolf and sat anywhere he could.

One last night at 21, and one last inexplicable fight between Mike and a local, and the group agreed that Italy hadn't changed Mike much. And, for better or worse, the group found out they'd be seeing a lot more of him back in "Jersey," as Mike changed his tune. They acknowledged he couldn't change, all they could do was hope he'd leave the drama in Florence. Guess we will have to wait for the return to Seaside to see for sure. Until then, CIAO BELLA!

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