'Real World' Poll: Did Frank Overreact To Byron's Involvement?

Even though Frank hasn't put the moves on his roommate Alexandra since the first episode of "Real World: San Diego," we always knew that if--and when--he met her sullen guitar-strumming boyfriend, Byron, we'd be privy to another "Frankout." Things don't always unfold the way we want, though.

During tonight's episode, we patiently waited for the moment when Byron would look at Frank in an inflammatory manner, and Frank would respond by doing something obscene with the kid's instrument. While that never happened, F-Train did throw a temper tantrum of a different sort.

After Priscilla scarred him by cutting his hair with what looked like toy scissors (girl jacked his hair up), Frank lost his temper and started aggressively shouting. Displeased with the feud, Byron intervened, naturally, and the near-bald roomie quickly redirected his anger. (Cue: Frankout.)

+ Did Frank overreact to Byron's involvement, or did Alex's boyfriend overstep his boundaries by meddling in the house biz? Take the poll, then check out a clip from this week's "Real World: Tide Report" where Frank says he felt entitled to yell at Priscilla for screwing up his hair, and it was so unnecessary for Byron to stick his nose in.

Did Frank overreact when Byron got involved in the fight?

  • Yes, Byron was just trying to calm everyone down.
  • No way, Byron should have stayed out of it.


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