Merp Your Heart Out With Deena's 'Blast In A Glass' App

Has the "Jersey Shore" cast been secretly geeking out in between their GTL sessions? What else could possibly explain the number of iPhone apps that they've been releasing?

Earlier this week we told you that Snooki was creating up to eight more social and mobile games (in addition to the already available Spread Snooki app), and it seems that her Meatball-in-crime has been up to the same sort of thing. Deena just released her "Blast In A Glass" app, which comes with a tanning salon locator, a merp offering (which we seriously hope is just a collection of her infamous sound bites), and some sort of word game that kiiinda looks like Scrabble. All in all, it sounds awesome!

+ Be sure to let us know if you end up downloading "Blast In A Glass," we want to read your review!

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