Snooki Making Up To 8 More iPhone Apps And Games

Snooks gets ready to take the stage at her Supre Tan launch event in Nashville.

The geeks of the world just yawned, but the bajillion "Jersey Shore" fans out there just got really excited.

If you've been looking to complement the Spread Snooki app on your device (assuming you downloaded it, along with Mike's useful The Situation app), then you're in luck, because according to Yahoo, the reigning queen of pouf has evidently been spending a lot of time brainstorming with quirky developers.

We just learned that Apps Genius Corp signed an exclusive license agreement with Snooki's camp to "create, develop, sell and distribute up to eight social games and mobile applications," the article reports. We're not sure what the concept for the first one is, but we seriously hope it offers a Meatball Problems functionality where you can bitch and moan with friends. If not, we're totally making it!

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

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