'Jersey Shore' Season 4, Episode 11: Them Is Fightin' Words!

There were "Meatball Problems" abound for the "Jersey Shore" girls at the start of Episode 11. Snionni's saga reared its ugly head in the form of a post-infidelity phone call and subsequent sorta-breakup between Snooki and Jionni. For the other meatball, it meant a fantasy of getting down with Pauly D remained unrealized. Deena dreamed of the day she could get it in with her crush, but after several rejected advances at the club, she cut her losses and spent the next day drinking with Snooks.

After a few high balls, the girls returned to the house and joined their housemates in readying themselves for their last Saturday night in Florence. There was some hair spray here, some spray tan there and some cleaning out of Pauly's clippers, courtesy of Mike's toothbrush.

Once out, Team Meatball predictably started its usual burlesque show, and former enemies Jenni and Sam bonded over their unfortunate duties as moms to the troublemakers. Their efforts could only go so far, though, as Mike started a fight with some locals across the room. Some red flags went up, and, with the exception of Deena and Snooki, who made their way to Central Park to start a bar fight of their own, the group went home.

Extending their booze-fueled misadventures, Snooki and Deena spent the night lamenting their mounting MBs and celebrated the sunrise by wandering the streets in their Sunday's best club attire, catching a catnap at an outdoor brunch spot before returning home to slip into complete comas. Ronnie left them with little peace and quiet as he lit the place up with a barbecue gone awry. A fire of a different kind sparked when Deena woke up and was accosted by Mike, who told her to "be a woman" and threatened to deal her a low blow. Deena responded with a quick spatula toss in Mike's direction and an assurance that she could lose weight for free, but Mike would need to shell out a pretty penny to fix his mug. Ladies, and gentlemen, FIGHTIN' WORDS.

The group settled down and made peace--at least temporarily--for dinner, during which Sam and Vin fought over who should be burdened with Mike as a roommate upon the crew's return to Jersey. Mike put their apprehensions to rest when he told them he had no plans to rejoin them in Seaside Heights. Whaaaa?! Mike said he was a lone wolf, and the point was driven home when he got locked in the bathroom and Deena decided to let him stay.

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