Snooki And Deena Got Meatball Problems [Sneak Peek]

Snooki and Deena are walking stumbling trouble. The ditsy duo have clearly run into some issues while attempting to exist outside of their comfort zone (otherwise known as the Jersey Shore), but they seem to be under the impression that their bad luck is completely due to having meatball DNA. For instance, if they weren't meatballs, they probably wouldn't get kicked out of dance clubs! Or burn their koo-kahs in the jacuzzi! Don't shoot the messenger, please.

In this sneak peek of tomorrow night's new episode, the zesty Ground Chuck Twins are having a moment. They're plastered, as usual, and making good use of each other's companionship by taking a dip in the hot tub and conversing about life stuff. The chat almost veers into self-pity territory, but luckily Snooki lightens the mood with intermittent bursts of what's sure to be a trending topic come Thursday night: #Meatball Problems. Take a look:

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