Will Vinny Be 'Vincent Guadagnino, Esq.' After 'Jersey Shore'?

Vinny Guadagnino is a regular Rico Suave at Candie's 2011 Video Music Awards After Party.

You're aware his jeans have gotten tighter, his sex with Snooki has become progressively weirder and his beard has gotten scruffier by the second. But did you know Vinny Guadagnino could have been a defense attorney for any number of his buddies (they do tend to get into scuffles every so often) if he hadn't been cast on "Jersey Shore?"

Vin divulged a pretty impressive academic past to Us Weekly, and it seems the youngest guy in the house had plans to be a lawyer--he actually took the LSATs the day the first episode of the first season hit the airwaves. Needless to say, Vin has been a little tied up since, and had to--at least temporarily--put his legal eagle ambitions on the shelf. But the guy also carried a 3.9 through college, said he's fascinated by quantum physics and interned for a New York State assemblyman before he hit Seaside Heights. Who knew such a brain was hiding behind those expressive eyebrows?

He's still the same ol' Vin to us, though--alongside the intellectual feats, he explained how he loves "sports video games, like the ones on Wii," prefers pizza without the sauce and cherished being the lead in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" during high school...for its shirtless opportunities, of course. Oh, Louie.

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Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

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