Vinny Spares No Details About His 'Awkward Sex' With Snooki [Video]

When we asked you guys to guess whether or not Vinny and Snooki would smush on tonight's "Jersey Shore," 93 percent scoffed at the question, voting "Duh, of course they will.'" It was the logical answer considering these two have benefited from their friendship many times before, and technically, y'all were correct: There was sex. Just not good sex, as JWOWW bluntly puts it in the below clip from the "Jersey Shore Hook-up."

Host Kenny Santucci starts off the show by immediately grilling Vinny for between-the-sheets details, and Vinny suddenly gets a case of the TMIs, describing how the pressure Snooki placed on him to perform caused him to lose his "arousal." Quite honestly, it's the most honesty we've ever heard from the guy. And his impression of his meatball-in-crime's sexual gestures will make even the boldest of you blush.

+ Check out the video, then watch the entire "Hook-up," where Kenny also covers the boys' once-in-a-lifetime Sicily trip, the girls' total fail in Tuscany and how Italy killed GTL.

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