5 Ways To Transform Your Home Into Club Karma

After a frustrating phone call with Jionni during last week's episode of "Jersey Shore," Snooki came up with a great idea to lighten her mood--go to Karma. Unfortunately, the Shore hot spot was thousands of miles away from Florence, so the gang came up with an easy solution to re-create the club in their living room. The girls put on their best revealing dresses, Pauly got behind the 1s and 2s and everyone got hammered.

The lesson here is simple: A good ol' fist-pump can cure all. So if you're having a sluggish day and can't get to a party, just bring it to you. Here are five ways to turn your ordinary digs into a supreme Seaside discotheque:

1. No Pouf, No Party: If you want to get the Karma fiesta started, your guests have to look like they're attending a true rager. That means no limp, oily hair. Volume, ladies!

2. The Main Stage: All the great moments happen on the club's raised dance platform. Explore the house and use what you got: pillows, boxes, whatever. Just make sure you get those booties in the air!

3. Big Fat Bass: We understand if you can't get Pauly to DJ your shindig (he's way expensive!), but that doesn't mean you can slack on the tunes. Turn up the bass and give your friends something to FPC to.

4. Grab the Black Light: Things--and people--look better in the dark (hey, it's true!), so set the mood and hide the secrets. Your friends will thank you later.

5. The Proper Pregame: We aren't talking about refreshments; we're talking GTL. To have a good Karma party, you have to come in with your head in the game, and that means bulging biceps, bronzed skin and the fresh smell of Tide.

+ What other ways would you transform your house so it could pass for the quintessential "Jersey Shore" club? Sound off in the comments and share your decorating tips!

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