5 MTV Alum That--Just Like Chelsea--Left Home To Pursue Their Dreams

Recently we introduced you to MTV's newest reality heroine, Chelsea of "Chelsea Settles," whose dream to make it in the fashion industry kicks off with a huge move from her small town to Los Angeles. We always admire people that dare to leave the comfort of home to pursue a passion, so in honor of the fighting protagonist, we've rounded up five other MTV alumni that changed their address to make it happen.


"The City"

After growing up in L.A. and putting in long hours at Teen Vogue, Whitney fled for the unknown in New York City, where she hoped to become part of the fashion elite. It didn't take long before she scored her own runway show!


"The Hills"

Lauren moved twice in order to get an education in fashion. First, she left Laguna Beach for college in San Francisco, then shortly after, she took off for Hollywood to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.


"My Life As Liz"

This Texan export left her crew (and her mom's amazing lemonade) to enroll in art school in Brooklyn. Even with romance and her Nerd Herd down South, she took a chance and headed to the East Coast alone.


"Daddy's Girls"

These two sisters finally got the courage to leave New Jersey and head for the West Coast. Desperate to show their dad they could make it on their own, they eventually started a successful shoe and apparel company, Pastry.


"The Buried Life"

The four close friends set out to pursue a lifelong dream: to check off 100 items on a list of things to do before they die. To make it happen, they said goodbye to Canada and moved into a broken-down bus (which they affectionately called Penelope) to tour the United States.

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