Armed With Glass, Snooki Aims For Mike's Jugular [Sneak Peek]

She may be all of 4'9" (three whole inches under the official meatball height limit!), but Snooki's got quite a right arm, and it appears as if Mike has given her just cause to use it indiscriminately in this sneak peek of Thursday's new episode of "Jersey Shore."

It's not completely clear what Sitch has done this time to make the object of his affection master plan to incite housewide chaos lose her cool all over the living room, and then in the kitchen, but Snooks is picking up everything along her warpath--including a wine bottle--and throwing it straight at the guy's head. Per the usual, it sounds like he had it coming, although apparently he's not working alone. Someone/something named The Unit is involved, and we can't imagine that's good.

Watch Snooki go after Mike with a vengeance, as well as some glass and a few chotchkies that are lying around, and make sure to tune in tomorrow night at 10/9c to see how it all got started.