Liz Lee Is A Brooklyn Bombshell In Upcoming Blood Orange Video [Photos]

Liz Lee should never stray from her signature T-Shirt and jeans motif--she's one of the only girls we know that can make an oversize "Goofy" top look outstandingly cool (who wants to deal with a frilly dress wardrobe malfunction anyway?). The "My Life As Liz" castie's casual style doesn't just appeal to us either. In fact, it just earned her a spot in up-and-coming artist Blood Orange's "Champagne Coast" video.

The Texan export played up her Brooklyn persona alongside former MTV host Alexa Chung for the British composer's new single. So that not a single denim jacket or ironic accessory would go unnoticed, V Magazine was on hand to catch the two lounging on amplifiers and looking perfectly gloomy.

Check out some photos from the shoot below and keep your eyes peeled for the "Champagne Coast" video soon!

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Photos courtesy of V Magazine