Deena Gets Her Own Personalized Dictionary

Deena discovers the power of nerd glasses at her photo shoot.

We're not entirely sure what's going on here. This morning we discovered photos of Deena Nicole posing in a hot pink boa on a fuzzy red couch on a faux school set, but we can't make sense of it just yet.

We do know that the "Jersey Shore" castie was at a photo shoot for eGreetings to record a series of lines for StarGreetz, the company that produced Pauly D's wildly popular "Cabs Are Here" ringtone. If her audio recording is anything like that, we seriously hope she includes a few "merps" and "underwears."

We're particularly intrigued by the "Deena Nicole Dictionary" prop. Who wrote it, where did it come from and are the following words included?


-Noun. A vocal utterance that can be used to describe just about anything.

Example: That gorilla tried to dance with me, and I was like, "Merp."


-Noun, Not Plural. An article of clothing that is sometimes worn on the body. It can also be found on the ground.

Example: I got ready so fast that I forgot to put my underwears on.

Do Sex

Verb. To engage in sexual intercourse with either men or women.

Example: Yeah, he was cute, but I wasn't about to do sex!

An Annoying

Noun. A type of man that is both irritating and bothersome.

Example. Get him away from me. He's ugly; he's an annoying.

Lean Cuisine

Noun. A trim version of the gorilla juicehead.

Example. Ronnie's a gorilla, but Vinny's a lean cuisine. Merp!


Noun. A compact person under 5 feet with an affinity for falling over while intoxicated.

Example. "Yeah, so I tend to tumble when I drink. It's OK, I'm a meatball."

What would Webster have to say about this?

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Photos: Splash Images