Mike Masterminds A Plan To Expose The 'Jersey Shore' Snitch [Sneak Peek]

Mike has seriously taken his paranoia to another level. First he thought Jionni was out to get him, and now he's bent on exposing the so-called snitch in the "Jersey Shore" house. As it shows in the below sneak peek of Thursday's new episode, Sitch drums up a sneaky plan that will consequently expose the in-house gossipmonger. The undertaking involves telling a white lie to Ronnie while the other roommates can potentially overhear (and share the news), and then laughing over the successful deployment of his operation.

We're typically really good at following all variations of logic, but Mike's totally lost us with this one. Check out the video clip and see if you can understand his new strategy: 'Gym, Tan, Who's The Rat?' We get that he wants to know who's spreading rumors, but isn't the answer always everyone?

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