Snooki Stains A Wall With Her Face [Photo]

"Jersey Shore" star Snooki points out where her makeup met the wall.

This weekend, Snooki took her leopard obsession to the next level by painting her skin with the conspicuous print for a Halloween party in Las Vegas. She also dressed up as the quintessential sexy schoolgirl, shown above, which evidently called for extra bronzer and eye gook.

Don't ask us what Snooks was doing with her face up against the wall (mimicking Mike's head butt? catching a case of Deena's chronic falling disorder?), but the presumed heavily sauced meatball posted this here photo on her Facebook page late last night citing "#guidetteproblems." Guess her makeup needed some space.

If you squint your eyes, you can also make out a hint of Cuervo Gold-tinted drool (see it right there by the hot pink lip gloss and Cool Ranch Dorito crumb?). All that's missing is a "Snooki wuz here 2011" scribbled in puffy pen.

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Photo courtesy of Snooki's Facebook page