'Death Valley' Poll: Is Dashell's Niece A Bloodsucker?

When Officer Frank Dashell first feared that his niece, Natalie, liked to blow off steam at the occasional high school rager in "Death Valley," he probably never suspected she might also have a penchant for sleeping upside down in caves.

On tonight's episode of the show, Kirsten confessed she had been watching Dashell's niece at vampire parties to get a better idea of who was behind the festive blood exchanges. The generally jokey guy got sterner than usual, fired the rookie's ass and hit the streets in protective uncle mode. When Dashell finally found Natalie in a car with her vampire boyfriend, yanking the guy out and allowing the sunlight to tear away at his flesh, his niece seemed more concerned about her man's pain than his status as someone undead. Dashell demanded she meet him back at his office, but we never saw her step foot into the sun, and while she was at the police station, her cold skin struck her mother.

+ So, think we have enough information to make a case for Natalie The Vampire? Or is she just OK with dating one, and in need of a wool cardigan? Tell us what you think!

Do you think Dashell's niece is a vampire?

  • Yes
  • No

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