'The Unit' Revealed! Remote Control's Exclusive Interview (Plus Photos!)

A few weeks ago, "The Unit" was nothing more than a Twitter craze we covered alongside one of the most intense fights that "Jersey Shore" saw in Italy. Later, as we were still curious about the man behind the nickname, we took our best guess as to what exactly Mike's friend from home looked like. Now, we can say with complete conviction, we know Unit inside and out (and we weren't too far off with our Photoshop speculation).

Remote Control recently had the distinguished honor of catching up with Jonny Manfre so that he could set his own record straight. The fitness guru with two degrees from Rutgers University was mentioned mid-season as the only witness to Mike and Snooki's alleged hookup, but he's so much more. Here's what the man in all those "Situation" exercise DVDs had to say about himself:

How did you get your nickname?

"The Unit" was given to me at a dinner before one of Mike's appearances in Minnesota. A reporter was speaking to Mike, Marc (Mike's brother) and I. She mentioned that Mike was "The Situation," Marc was "The Man" and asked what my nickname was. The day before this, I had shown Marc a lewd photo that a girl had sent me, and he turned to one of my photos in which I was naked. He went on to tell the reporter that my name was "The Unit" and told everyone that we came across for the next several months that I have a "mini-baseball bat in my pants."

How did you first meet Mike?

Mike and I met when he first moved to New Jersey while playing football on a mutual friend's side yard. Mike was the youngest and smallest there but probably also the quickest. We became very close about 10 years ago when we realized that each of us had the best bodies, abs and game out of all of our friends, and we decided to join forces to disrupt the [something explicit] and relationships across New Jersey.

What's your relationship to the cast?

Mike and I are best friends, and I get along with the guys very well, particularly Pauly and Ronnie. I would say that I have more or less a love/hate relationship--or more like a like/dislike relationship--with most of the girls. At times we are quite friendly, and at times we are quite cold toward each other.

What else would you like fans to know about you?

Although I'm normally known as a ladies' man and a player, I am now, for once, very happy in a relationship with former award-winning porn star Amia Miley.

"The Unit" and his award-winning porn star girlfriend, Amia Miley, in Cancun.

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Photos provided by Jonny "The Unit" Manfre