Snooki vs. JWOWW: Who Had The Better Halloween Costume?

Snooks shows off her killer instinct while JWOWW displays her pimptastic style.

Don't pigeonhole Snooki as the type of "Jersey Shore" gal that's gonna dress up as a brined vegetable every year; this Halloween she stepped out of the fridge entirely and crossed over to the dark side. During Saturday's pre-Hallow's Eve festivities, she hit up Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas dressed like a sexy leopard, complete with body paint and menacing cat-eye contact lenses.

Over on the other side of Sin City, JWOWW opted for something more revealing. She flaunted her curves at Chateau Nightclub's veritable Pimp N Ho bash, where she and boyfriend Roger wore matching gangster garb.

+ Snooks looks like she could claw your face out, and Jenni looks like she's ready to "rip someone's head off" (after she has sex with them, 'course), so which gal had the better costume? Check out the hot shots below and take the poll. Plus be sure to take a look at more fun Halloween costume ideas at MTV Style.

Whose Halloween costume do you like more?

  • Snooki's
  • JWOWW's

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Photos: EBLV/Splash News, Layne Freedle/ Splash News