That's What You Said...About Zach's Anti-Gay Comment

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This week, one of the more comment-provoking stories on Remote Control focused on the anti-gay comment that Zach made on "Real World: San Diego." He really upset Sam when he said he'd "beat the gay" out of her for threatening to toss his ping-pong paddle over the balcony. We asked if you were offended by it, and here's a sprinkling of what was posted on Remote Control and Facebook:

Remote Control:

"Well he was wrong for saying that, however I don't believe she had a right to get aggressive with him either." -- Jonathan

"I think one of the big issues we have here is the generalizing. It's not "the gays" and it's not "the straights." It's this guy Zach who is straight and Sam who is gay. This situation shouldn't be applied to whole groups/sexualities because, though we have a lot of things in common, everyone is different." -- THWO93

"He's not only offensive, but dismissive and arrogant." -- JamiesThing


"Not only Zach, but a few other cast members this season are so homophobic and I personally think it's disgusting. It's only like week 4 or 5 of the season, and the amount of homophobic remarks and gestures and fights that have happened is RIDICULOUS! People need to wake up and stop judging people for what they love and respect you for who you are. To get respect, you have to give it." -- Jordan D.

"Quit thinking so much about what he says and look at his actions. After a few too many patron shots, in between waxing his eyebrows, shaving his legs and wearing his daily facial exfoliating mask, Zach is just the type of guy who gets down on the down low." -- Austin S.

"In my opinion Frank and Sam are forcing their views on Zach. Was he wrong for saying that? Of course. But you cant force anyone to do anything." -- Karen S.

+ All of the commenters feel very passionately about this topic, but what do you think? Did Sam push her lifestyle on Zach, or did he absolutely cross the line? Let's keep the convo going!

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