MTV Twitter Roundup: Vinny Uses Stripper's Breast As Pillow

Vinny gets up close and personal with a woman wearing pink boobie tassels.

As if the fellas didn't already have enough reason to be jealous of Vinny's "Jersey Shore" romantic pursuits, here's one more thing to add to the book. Now, we don't know the Whos, Whys or Whats of this photo, but our desire to craft sentences with a high acronym count has miraculously increased by a gazillion. ZOMG! This is totes NSFW! MBTB (Must. Blur. The. Boobs), like, STAT. (We're going to have a seriously hard time transitioning from this topic to anything else, but here goes...)

And ya know what else is totally ZOMG-worthy? (OK, that was worthless.) Snooki and her neon stuffed reptile whom she so lovingly refers to as Crocadilly finally reunited. We thought the two were more inseparable than Meatballs and vodka sauce, but for reasons unbeknownst to us, Snooki's been without her plush lime friend for quite some time. According to her tweet yesterday, they're back in each other's arm for what looks like an indefinite amount of time. Happy to hear it, Snooks.

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Photo courtesy of @VinnyGuadagnino