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Mike Judge leaving the 'Howard Stern' radio show when 'Beavis and Butt-Head' was last on air in 1997.

No syrup without Mrs. Butterworth. No Christmas without Santa (or Jesus, depending on your religious conviction). No "Beavis And Butt-Head" without Mike Judge.

Last night, in honor of the satirical cartoon's ninth season--and the first in nearly 15 years--Twitter developed into a harbor of well-wishes and accolades for the creator of the two high school nitwits. Some applauded Judge's take on the undead creature craze, others urged him to take a second look at "Office Space" (another project with an equally powerful fan following) and many more fans simply thanked him for bringing them back to their teenage years.

The Wall Street Journal called his work "criminally ignored," and the New York Times said it was "as it should be." Here are some of the ways you welcomed the satirical hero and his work back home:

"Thank you, Mike Judge, for not changing Beavis and Butt-Head one damn bit." -- @BrokenFiction

"Mike Judge is an underappreciated genius who actually understands and gives two f***s about the integrity of his properties." -- @Catwo0d

"'Being a werewolf hurts my bones' -- Butt-Head. Thank you, Mike Judge, for bringing them back." -- @DavidACooper

"MIKE JUDGE NEEDS TO MAKE A #BeavisAndButtHead OFFICE SPACE MOVIE!" -- @Cash4yursplash

"'...Can I have some of your popcorn?' I'm so glad to see Mike Judge back at work." -- @LexiRewa

"Mike Judge returns via #BeavisAndButthead: Everyone watch his Idiocracy, so we can rescue our country from that impending reality." -- @Flemso

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Photo: Derek Storm/Splash News