Snooki Gets Regis Philbin To Strip His Shirt Off [Video]

Regis begrudgingly puts a shirt back on. Kelly couldn't be happier.

If Snooki can't coerce an 80-year-old man to strip down on national television while awkwardly posing like a chicken in just a tie, then who can?

Just yesterday, the gift-bearing "Jersey Shore" castie swung by "Live With Regis And Kelly" to bring its hosts presents, which included a tie for ol' Reg. He tried to put it on, but she stopped him mid-fashion faux pas, saying "Guidos usually don't wear ties, you should like, take off your shirt and then it would be more guido."

So, by the grace of some mystical hoosywhatsy, Regis did as he was told. Because when presented with the opportunity to completely embarrass your wife at the instruction of a Meatball, you absolutely must comply. Watch the magic below.

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Photo courtesy of ABC