Meatball + Mop = Meatball Problems In The 'Jersey Shore' House [GIF]

We should have known after Deena nearly flip-flopped her way off a precarious bridge during a day of sightseeing in Florence that tumbling would be the theme of the season. Earlier this summer, the "Jersey Shore" klutz opened up to Remote Control about the cause of her chronic falling disorder (her boobs), which forced her to behave like a bull in a china shop, knocking into the edge of a jacuzzi tub and rubbing face with a whole lotta cobblestone.

We previously rounded up some of our favorite spills in Italy (check out the Down Goes The Meatball photo flipbook if you haven't had the pleasure yet), but there's one particular wipeout from the season finale that just takes the cannoli, so we had to give it a GIF. You know the one we're talking about...

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