5 Life Lessons We Learned From Chelsea's Job Hunt

Now that Chelsea has "settled" in Los Angeles, she's focused on landing a job in the competitive fashion industry. The journey hasn't been easy for our self-conscious heroine--she has a lot on her plate with her mother's health problems--but Chelsea's ambitious and not gonna give up easily. Here are the lessons we learned from her during this week's episode.

Spruce Up Your Resume, But Don't Lie

Everyone wants to make a good impression with an awesome résumé, but Jenna's suggestion to fabricate work experience was a bad idea. Luckily, Chelsea was wise to steer clear of that advice, and instead, she listed herself as as a "retail consultant," which was a much more accurate description.

Call On Your Alter Ego

The Pennsylvania transplant was intimidated by the prospect of walking into high-end L.A. boutiques to seek work, so she channeled her confident alter ego "Charlie." (If you think the idea is silly, don't forget that Beyoncé has one named "Sasha Fierce"!)

Apply, Apply, Apply!

The reason Chelsea was able to land the interview at Curves was because she used "Charlie" to get her résumé out to every store she could find. Even though it was nerve-wracking to walk into each shop, the more places she applied to, the better her chances of being contacted for a face-to-face meeting.

Be An Expert On Your Industry

Chelsea was embarrassed during the Curves interview because she didn't know how to answer questions about fashion trends or her own personal style. Unfortunately, her lack of knowledge cost her the job. Had she done more research beforehand, she would have made a better impression--and maybe even scored the position.

Don't Give Up After Rejection

Despite not landing the job at Curves, Chelsea remained determined to find an employment opportunity. As soon as she returned from visiting her mom, she restarted her search with a hopeful smile and positive attitude. We have no doubt that she'll eventually achieve her dream!

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