Is Kris Humphries Moving In On Pauly D's Man?

Vinny pops his collar at Candie's 2011 party, and Kris makes do during Fashion's Night Out.Pauly D and Vinny were permanently attached at the hip throughout Season 4 of "Jersey Shore"--especially during the finale--but their bromance apparently has a little competition! According to, Vin has been hobnobbing with fellow reality TV star and recently wed Kris Humphries in California. Say it ain't so!

On Tuesday, Vin and Mr. Kim Kardashian broke bread at STK in Los Angeles, where they were swarmed with cameras immediately following their "boys night out." Check out the video below, where Vinny, who finally fesses up to ditching his guido garb for hipster threads (holy purple pants!), is asked whether Kris has replaced the honorable Pauly D as his best bud. Vin acts coy, so we're wondering what that means for their marriage plans.

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty Images, Getty