Snooki Outs Her 'Gay' Cat On Live TV [Video]

Pure, glorious laughter permeated the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" studio last night, as Snooki elaborated on some personal details. There to promote her new book, "Confessions of a Guidette," and show off her "2-cent store" bracelets (well, that's certainly one way to fend off grabby fans), the "Jersey Shore" standout instantly had audiences giggling at/with her due to a self-confessed lack of literary knowledge (the mention of authors J.K. Rowling and Maya Angelou flew right over her pouf). Soon after, she elicited a confused flurry of chortles from the crowd while discussing her "gay" cat, Vito. When prodded by Kimmel on how she could decipher the feline's sexual preference, she commented, "It's always on me, and it listens to my stories." She also explained to the host, whom she apparently has a "ridic crush" on--despite the lack of juice in his head--that Vito has no problem with her outing him on television. "He's like, 'OK girl, go.'"

Check out the video clips below to hear more from the interview, including how she neglected to take full advantage of her status as a legal midget.

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