'Real World' Poll: Were You Offended By Zach's Anti-Gay Comment?

During tonight's episode of "Real World: San Diego," Frank and Sam were super hopeful that Gay Pride Weekend would act as a catalyst for some necessary roommate bonding. Unfortch, that didn't exactly happen. Ashley turned down the offer to participate because she almost went to Fire Island once and that was about enough exposure to an alternative lifestyle as she could handle. Zach, on the other hand, seemed like he was going to support the cause, but after commiserating with a military buddy, decided to opt out. But even before they turned a cold shoulder on everyone, Zach really hurt Sam when he said he would "beat the gay" out of her for threatening to toss his ping-pong paddle over the balcony.

Were you personally offended by Zach's comment, or did you shake it off? Take the poll, then check out a clip from this week's "Real World: Tide Report," where Nate says that he called Zach out on his insensitivity following the table tennis remark. Sam, naturally, was deeply hurt, which fueled her emotional breakdown later in the episode. Find out what finally got her to that point in the second clip below.

Were you offended by Zach's comment?

  • Yes, it was hurtful and innappropriate.
  • No, he was just joking around.

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