'Real World' Ashley And Other MTV Gun-Toting Gals: Hot Or Not?

As their relationship progressed on "Real World: San Diego" and after dinners out got stale, Zach and Ashley made the natural couple's progression--they went to a shooting range and lit up a few targets. As Zach put it, there's nothing hotter than a girl with a gun, and if Ashley's smile was any indication, she was happy to give her guy a show with firearm in hand.

The debate over whether a girl who's packing heat is hot is a polarizing one, and something MTV has seen before. Remember when Heidi Montag posed with a pistol? How about when Taylor of "My Life As Liz" went hunting, camo and all? The sight of a woman with a weapon certainly gets the point across that its holder is in control, but, you know, guns are ultimately killers (from what we understand), and there's nothing worse than a stray bullet to ruin a really good date.

+ Sound off and tell us what you think--is the idea of a chick with a readied trigger finger hot, or is the reality that she's got a collection of bullets a little too off-putting?

Are Ashley and other girls that pack heat hot?

  • Hell yeah! It means they know how to take control.
  • Not a lick, how could something that kills be sexy?

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