Frank Rips Ashley Apart On The 'Real World: After Show' [Video]

San Diego's Ashley has definitely got a pretty face, but we're still sorta waiting for her to reveal more of a personality (we mean that in the nicest way possible, Ash). It's obvious that she and Thor are best friends-with-[nothing yet], but it's a shame they can't find it in their unblemished hearts to connect with the rest of the "Real World" house.

In this behind-the-scenes bonus clip from the upcoming "Real World: After Show," the backstage cameras turn on just in time for a "Frank-out." He goes postal on the blonde beauty for making obtuse comments about gay soldiers during tonight's episode. He's super pissed, and she's, well, doing a horrible job defending herself. Check out the clip, then be sure and tune in at 10/9c to find out exactly what she said that made him so angry. And, of course, stick around for the "After Show" at 11/10c!

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