Pauly And Vinny Reveal Marriage Plans On The 'Jersey Shore' Reunion

We here at Remote Control tend to keep things PG, er, 13, but we've been known to murmur obscenities under our breath when one of three things happen: 1) When our computers crash in the middle of writing an unsaved email, 2) When we miss out on free food in the pantry, and 3) When we read in the comments section that some of our audience missed a really good MTV special...and we don't have it online.

Although millions of people tuned in last Thursday for the "Jersey Shore Reunion," we realize that, in true "Jersey Shore" fashion, some of you were busy getting a head start on the weekend. Pretty dumb move at the time considering you lost out on seeing Snooki and Sitch tear each other apart, as well as a Team Meatball video montage worthy of real estate in the Uffizi, but luckily, we're giving you another shot at catching the entire cast relive all the dramatic moments from Season 4--we're re-airing the reunion tomorrow night at 9/8c!

Here's a little taste of what you can expect from Vinny and Pauly, who are apparently taking their relationship to the next level. We pray the wedding is televised.

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Photo: Ian Spanier