'Real World' Poll: Was Byron's Hand-Holding Ban A Big Deal?

Full of that lovin' feeling, Alexandra was giddy to get back in Byron's arms during last week's episode. The aspiring songstress had been thinking, worrying, wondering and chatting about her boyfriend ever since her fedora first crossed the threshold of the "Real World: San Diego" house. We thought the two lovebirds would be in dreamland once they got reunited, but there turned out to be a few glitches.

Within the first 24 hours of being together, the couple's warm fuzzies went cold...popsicle cold. Frank seemed like the biggest risk factor for these two, but it turned out to be a frozen treat that was the troublemaker! After Alex indulged in her ice pop, Byron wasn't down to hold her sticky hand. Instead of letting the issue slide, Alex got pissed and called Byron out for not wanting to get close to her. This tiff turned into an all-day dispute that had many of the other roomies stumped.

+ Do you think Alex was right to get so upset about Byron's hand-holding ban? Or was this a small issue made into a much bigger deal? Let us know how you felt about the fight and take the poll!

Was Byron's rejection a big deal?

  • Yes, he made his girlfriend feel dumb.
  • No, the guy just didn't want to have sticky hands!