Sound Off On Lindsey's Strained Relationship With Her Father

When we first met Lindsey on tonight's episode of "I Used To Be Fat," it was obvious that her family played a large role in her overeating and inactivity. Her father, Larry, was diabetic, and her own mother fessed up to being a poor role model. However, even after trainer Ary sat down with the fam to talk about getting healthy, it didn't quite get through to her dad.

While Lindsey and her mom shared a momentous breakthrough at the gym, Larry never came around. Not only did he bail on his daughter's graduation dinner, but he left her at college orientation because he thought her new lifestyle was making her into a different person.

Lindsey's dad may have been acting selfishly, but it's possible he just felt isolated. Hopefully he'll come around soon and realize what an accomplishment his daughter has made!

+ How did you feel about Lindsey's father's reaction to her weight loss? Sound off in the comments!

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