'Chelsea Settles' Poll: Ever Fibbed On A Resume?

Determined to land a job in the high-fashion world, Chelsea gave her resume a much-needed revamp on tonight's episode. Her roommate, Jenna, who's been a great influence on her thus far, suggested she embellish by including "style director" as a previous role. Uncomfortable with putting an obvious lie on paper, Chelsea settled on "retail consultant." It seemed like a good idea, but during her first interview, the aspiring fashionista's rawness was obvious.

Drafting an impressive CV is key to landing an interview, but if you get caught lying during the face-to-face meeting, that can be brutal. Have you ever fibbed on a résumé? Take the poll and let us know!

Have you ever lied on a resume?

  • Yes, BIG mistake.
  • I've embellished, but never blatantly made things up.
  • No, never.

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