Chelsea's Blog: 'Confidence Has Nothing To Do With Looks'

I'm going to jump right in and ease any concerns you may have about my mom's health. She is doing well after her transplant surgery! Yay!! I will always be grateful to the donor that gave her a new lease on life. Any surgery is a big deal and my mom has had a lot of health problems, so I was nervous that the surgery would not take. It was also hard for me to be thousands of miles away while such a life-changing event was happening at home. My family is really close so now we are all taking it day by day as her health progresses. Knowing my mom had support at home helped me decide to go back to L.A. Plus, I still had to conquer my job search.

Job hunting has a way of quickly turning into a full-time job. My social life, or what little social life I had to begin with, was flooded with responding to job postings and sending out résumés. The struggles that I was facing were things we all go through, especially living life post grad. However, trying to secure a job in one of the most overpopulated, appearance-driven cities in the country was an added dose of pressure. I was stressed, burning through my savings and quickly losing faith that I would get a job in enough time to stay in L.A.

I was nervous during my interview at Curve but something that Adriane said to me during the interview struck me--"You need to develop your own personal style!" At the time I had no idea what she meant, but now I get it! I've always been concerned with what others are thinking; I bet a lot of us are to a certain degree. I needed to be more daring and take risks, and not just with my fashion choices. My overall presence, or swagger, needed a face-lift.

Confidence comes from within--it has nothing to do with looks or weight--and it's something that exists within all of us. At the time, I felt more comfortable blending in and couldn't fathom standing out in a crowd. But fashion is a lot like life in a way: being original, taking chances and overlooking the safe option is respected.



+ Do you have any job interview horror stories? Tell me about them!

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