David Giuntoli Of 'Road Rules: South Pacific'...Where Is He Now?

David Giuntoli on "Road Rules: South Pacific," and now, on NBC's "Grimm."

For many "Challengers," the allure of some sizable prize money makes the temptation to compete season after season too much to pass up (right, Paula?). For David Giuntoli of "Road Rules: South Pacific," though, just one "Challenge" was enough to quench his thirst, and after he was crowned champion of "The Gauntlet," he took his money, ran and never looked back. So what's he up to now? Oh, you know, just starring on a new NBC TV series.

Giuntoli first burst onto MTV in 2003 at 22 as one of six strangers who set out to traverse the Fijian Islands on "Road Rules." After successfully slaughtering a chicken, stripping at a gay club and bearing witness to one of Abram's many vicious fights, Dave won a car, parlayed his success into the next available "Challenge" and ultimately set his sights on Tinseltown. Since then, he's had supporting roles in "Grey's Anatomy," "Nip/Tuck" and "Hot In Cleveland," playing everything from a United States soldier to a school's headmaster. Finally, though, he'll get a chance to headline a production as the star of NBC's "Grimm," which premieres this Friday.

In the fantasy drama, Giuntoli plays a police officer in Portland who discovers he's been dealt the powers of a "Grimm," or someone who can see which other humans have alter egos as werewolves, vampires and other creatures. (Maybe the kids of "Teen Wolf" can offer him some insight as to how to handle The Alpha.)

Check out the series' trailer below to see the guy famous for uttering "Shall I?" take on a town full of fantasy characters, and make sure to watch the premiere this Friday at 9/8c. You can also follow him on Twitter for some behind-the-scenes observations chock-full o' wit.

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Photo courtesy of NBC