Chelsea Handler Rummages Through Sitch's Bag Of Tricks [Video]

Though she put forth her best effort, Chelsea Handler couldn't find a single "Fitchuation" sweatshirt or pair of corresponding "GTL" bottoms in Mike's bag of "Jersey Shore" Season 4 relics on "Chelsea Lately" last night. Wonder why...

"The Situation" broke down his falling-out with the retailer (and its "" behavior), the state of his friendship with Snooki and his battle with the Italian wall on the comedian's talk show. And, as he is a businessman first and foremost with a new online store on his hands, he came prepared with some tools of self-promotion gifts for the host, including...hand sanitizer? Apparently, fans were so pumped for the disinfectant that they overloaded Sitch's website's server this weekend and knocked it out of commission. As Chelsea pointed out, when you exit that famed hot tub, there's no such thing as being too safe.

+ Check out the clip below for the latest in "Situation" merch, and tell us if you managed to get your hands on a water bottle or sweet sunglasses-emblazoned T-shirt. Sadly, we were left victims of the shop's overload and are crying into our generic whites.

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Photo courtesy of E! Online