Why Are Sammi And Ronnie On The Outs?

Watching Pauly D struggle to deflect the tension between the king and queen of relationship drama during the "Jersey Shore Hook-Up: Live Edition" was like watching a high school soccer goalie at shooting practice with David Beckham. The DJ did his very best to smack away Kenny Santucci's hard-hitting questions about Sammi and Ronnie's couple status, but it quickly became obvious that the two are on a(nother) time-out.

Fans accustomed to the tribulations of SamRon most likely didn't bat an eye; if the pair's history is any indication of what happens next, they'll reunite in no time. But, for the curious viewers that want to know the Whys and Hows of Breakup 4.0 5.0 (heck, we've completely lost track), there is one theory floating around that points the blame. According to highly unreliable news source TheDirty.com, Ron may have pushed his luck with "Bad Girls Club" Season 5 alum Morgan Brittany Osman. Bad boy!

+ Think there's any truth to the goss that Ron cheated, or is this just another bump in the road that a romantic dinner on the boardwalk can fix? Sound off in the comments!

The Suspect, during Season 5 of "The Bad Girls Club."

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