'Jersey Shore' Season 4, Episode 9: The Test Of Love (And Pregnancy)

Daylight crept in through the window, Snooki's crusty eyelids opened and the hangover--paired with hazy memories of the night before, followed by panic--set in as expected. Jionni was gone, and our sad little meatball had no idea if he was still in Italy after storming out of the house the night before. While she accepted that the drama was mostly her fault (and that of a particularly short dress), it didn't make getting out of bed any easier, especially since former BFF Jenni, who'd screamed at her on the street, still wasn't offering up any comfort.

As most of her roommates were at work and JWOWW was socially MIA, Snooks took to the bar midday to drown her sorrows in a couple of beers. Ultimately, though, after drawing stares for dancing from a few judgmental tourists, she wound up right back where she started--alone, wallowing in the house and wondering what had happened. Sensing that her friend needed her, JWOWW swallowed her pride, gave Snooki a hug and called Jionni, who was ready to board a train to Rome. The girls took off like two fake-eyelashed bats out of hell and caught Jionni before he embarked on a trip back to the United States. As Nicole made her way to her pint-sized guido, all she could say was "hold me," and he did. He did not stay, though, and while the two seemed to part ways on restored terms, Snooki had one last cry as Jionni jetted home on a flight he could not change.

Things were equally unsettling for the house's other meatball, as after a heated confrontation with a piece of furniture, Deena confessed to Jenni that she thought she might be pregnant. JWOWW, who begged anyone listening for one single night of normality, took her late friend to the pharmacy, whisked her back to the house and sat by her side as Deena discovered she was very much without child. Less fortunate was one local at Central Park club, who was still bearing the brunt of a pissed off and aggressively dancing/choking Snooki.

Another day, another phone call, and the first Snooki and Jionni shared upon J's arrival home operated about the same as it had before--poorly, laced with obscenities and ended by a premature hang-up. So where to go when a heart is broken (again)? Karma! The elite eight ditched the Florence nightlife for a house party, complete with DJ Pauly D's famous spinning. When the rager died down, and shots had settled in systems, Mike made another move on Snooki, and, upon her rejection, tried to get under her skin with some trouble-making, a la bringing up their alleged hook-up AGAIN behind her back. When Snooks caught wind of the gossip, and discovered Ron and the boys actually supported Mike in his odd quest against Jionni, she divulged that it was the loneliest she had ever felt in any "Jersey Shore" house.

Defeated, and suddenly aware of the space available in Vinny's bed, Snooki climbed her way under the covers beside her former bedrocking buddy and began to kiss him.

"Are you with Jionni?" he asked her. She considered the question for a second, and answered conclusively.


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