Snooki And JWOWW Admit To Drifting Apart [Video]

Tough love is just that: tough (apologies for the fortune cookie drivel, but we have a point we're trying to make). When Jenni gave her very best friend an ugly mouthful during the most recent episode of "Jersey Shore," it came from a good place. Snooki was, as JWOWW put it, "acting like an a**hole" by flashing her koo-kah all over the place. Someone needed to tell the rogue meatball to chillax! But, was Jenni's outburst representative of a larger issue within the friendship?

Check out the exclusive interview clips below, where Snooki opens up about the way her relationship with Jenni has changed. She wonders if spending so much time with Deena caused her and J to drift apart. And what does Miss Jenni think about it all? The motherly castie admits that she and Snooks went through a rough patch in Florence, but adds that no matter how ugly their fights get--even if they cause her to traipse all over town searching for Jionni until her feet bleed--she will always love the girl like a sister. Let's hope they hug it out during tonight's episode.

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