Can Alex's Relationship Survive The 'Real World' Couple's Curse?

Let's be frank for a moment: If you're not single and step into a "Real World" house, you have--statistically speaking--a .075 percent chance of staying that way till the end. Years-running relationships almost always suffer the same fate on this show: They fall apart.

On tonight's season premiere we met Alexandra, the kindhearted, compassionate former Stanford student who came to San Diego with a serious boyfriend back at home. But soon after, Alex met Frank, and, therein, the possible catalyst to some trouble in paradise with "soulmate" Byron. Whether Frank gets to her himself, or gets inside her head, he seems oddly adamant about making sure his housemate winds up single.

We'd like to say Alex will keep her cool, and that she's more committed to her guy than the girls of "Real World" past who attempted to go the distance with a beau back home but still went down in flames. But when history has a habit of repeating itself, we're not sure even she will be able to resist the allure of running wild and free in the "Real World" house.

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Will Alex remain faithful through the season?

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