K-Cav To Guide 'ANTM All-Stars' Through A Successful Interview

Kristin Cavallari weighs in on the "ANTM All-Stars" next to judge Nigel Barker.

Getting the second-highest score of the night on the most recent episode of "Dancing With The Stars" hasn't gone to Kristin Cavallari's head--she's still adamant about giving back to the little people. You know, the dramatic misfits from "America's Next Top Model" who are taking a second shot at the competition. And by the looks of the preview below, the girls could use the help. Like, a lot.

As K-Cav is no stranger to the art of the interview, it made perfect sense for show producers to tap the girl who has successfully side-stepped dating rumors and broken engagement gossip in the last couple of months (while looking mighty fine, to boot) as a Q&A guru. So yes, Allison, you are strange and unique, but the question was about diet and exercise. And, Angelea, there is such a thing as "too much flavor," so lock it up, Buffalo. And Lisa, consider a sedative or two before you get anywhere near a microphone. See? We're making progress already!

Take a look at the preview of tonight's "ANTM," then compare it to a recent interview E! News conducted with Kristin. Ladies, that is how the pros do it.

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Photo: Jaimie Trueblood/The CW